Contact US  -  011-501-622-4110 (Belize)

email requests:
Cabana Provisioning available... Provide a list of items you
require, (2 weeks prior to arrival) cost plus 15% and items
will be delivered to your cabana on day of arrival
Travelling with children has its challenges, the younger
they are, the more stuff you need... Then you arrive at
your destination, and don't know where to get the things
you didn't bring... enuf diapers, juice, cookies, treats,
shampoo, toothpaste, etc.
Plan your needs in advance, bring what you need, and
leave the rest to us... Send us a list of your requirements,
for the children or yourself and we will price it and
confirm availability prior to your arrival... all goods will be
delivered to your accommodation, day of arrival
All goods will be prepriced on your confirmation list.
Provisioning for Children
Weekly rates YEAR ROUND...
$150 US/Week for singles
($600 US/Month for singles)
$250 US/Week for doubles
($900 US/Month for couples)

**NO extra costs..electric,
cable, water included**